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Is your freezer frosting up a lot and refrigerator not getting cold enough? A refrigerator is the most fundamental part of a kitchen which keeps your food safe and cold. A fridge is always there to hold onto your eatables; whether it is food, water, sauces, fruits or veggies, it slows down the bacterial growth and keeps your food fresh for longer. It is hard to imagine a life without a fridge; which means there won’t be any ice creams, smoothies or cold juices.

Life of a fridge can be increased by placing it away from heat, set proper temperature, keeping the top clear but most importantly getting it fridge repair service and inspection on time. DIY fridge repair service or troubleshooting it at your own may seem like a daunting repair but that’s why we are here, to deal with such haunting dreams of yours; we try our best to provide your household appliances the best quality repairment to increase their lifetime. 

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Common issues Resulting in need of fridge repair services

Few appliances in your house are used more than others; One of them is refrigerator. It is the most important and roughly used machine in our houses which is being used round the clock without any rest. Due to its excessive use, problems can be developed which might require fridge repair services.

  • Cooling Problem
  • Defrosting Issue
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Leakage
  • Broken Drain Plate
  • Sparking from Socket
  • Loose Door
  • Compressor Won’t Start
  • Drain Blockage
  • Extra Cooling
  • Noisy

Above are some of the issues noticed in fridge malfunctioning. There might be more for which you may require fridge repair services. In the case of electronic devices, it is dangerous to repair them yourself at home. A single short circuit can have hazardous affects so it is better to let professional handle. If you notice the above issues or any other than these feel free to contact us.

Fridge Companies That We Repair

We provide efficient fridge repair services at most affordable and competitive prices all over Dubai. We consist of a team of highly skilled and professional team who are pros at repairing fridges of all kinds and brands of fridges including Whirlpool fridge, West point , Samsung  LG, Zanussi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Haier and many more.

We are here to take care of all the damages, malfunctioning, short circuit issues, compressor shortage of your refrigerator. We provide trust able, competent, reliable and experienced technician for the best experience of fridge repair service. We believe in quality work within the time frame and our technicians are trained to achieve these criteria. So, if your fridge is getting your mind blow instead of cool, feel free to contact us at the provided numbers.

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